Attract Birds

Attracting Birds -

Attracting Birds

Attracting wild birds is much easier than you might imagine.
Anyone can do it.

Look around. If you were a bird, why would you visit your yard? Once you eat the free food you still need a place to get a drink and take a bath. You also need great hiding places, safe nesting spots, and no predators -- what more could a bird want!

Feeding Birds - There are many seeds that birds will eat. Sunflower seeds and Nyger ("Thistle") seed are especially effective in attracting birds to your yard. But suet, fruit, peanut butter and mealworms are also appreciated by the birds.

Bird Feeders - Different birds prefer different types of feeders. Tube feeder, hopper feeders, hummingbird feeders and suet feeders in the same yard will attract many more birds than just one type of feeder.

Water for Birds - Dripping water or a shallow pool of water will bring in the birds -- especially in arid areas of the country. Bird Baths in the winter (with a heater to keep it clear of ice) will make your yard a Mecca for the birds.

Shelter for Birds - Birds need a place to roost at night. They need a safe spot to hide from predators. If you offer shelter, you will attract more birds to your yard.

Bird Houses - Many birds will nest in man-made bird houses. Purple Martins houses may look like a hotel and hold up to 40 pair at a time! Bluebirds are making a big comeback in the eastern U.S., thanks to people who put up so many nest boxes that they call them "Bluebird Trails". Woodpeckers will nest in your yard if you don't cut down trees when they die -- leave the snags standing for the birds!

Plants That Attract Birds - By planting certain flowers, plants, shrubs and trees, you can attract specific birds. Hummingbirds are especially attracted to flowering plants. You don't need a huge yard. A few flowerpots on the windowsill might just do the trick!

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