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Discover the top birding locations in Saskatchewan. Find out more about Saskatchewan Bird Clubs and Birding Organizations in Saskatchewan. Print out a checklist of Saskatchewan birds. Find the Rare Bird Alert Phone Numbers for Saskatchewan. Order books to help you become a better birder in Saskatchewan. Discover links to Saskatchewan Birding web sites. Print out special maps of Saskatchewan before you begin your trip.

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Province Bird: Sharp-tailed Grouse

Province Checklists:
Nature Saskatchewan

Species Seen in Saskatchewan:

Province Ornithological Society: None

Rare Bird Alerts:
(306) 949-2505   Regina


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Birding Links for Saskatchewan:
Crane Spotting
Shorebird Sites
Hot Spots
Quill Lakes Area
Important Bird Areas
Prince Albert National Park
Grasslands National Park

Saskatchewan Organizations:
Last Mountain Bird Observatory
Nature Regina
Bird Studies Canada

Pete Thayer's Favorite Hot Spots:
Pelican Lake
50.52 N  106.03 W
Large numbers of shorebirds and waterfowl utilize Pelican Lake during both the spring and fall migration. Marbled Godwits, Wilson's Phalaropes and American Avocets are often present during the spring and fall migration.

Prince Albert National Park
54.00 N   106.50 W
The park is in a transitional zone where aspens and grasslands become boreal forest farther north. This is a great place to look for the northern forest specialties like Great Gray Owl, Boreal Chickadees and Black-backed Woodpeckers.

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