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Discover the top birding locations in Kentucky. Find out more about Kentucky Bird Clubs and Birding Organizations in Kentucky. Print out a checklist of Kentucky birds. Find the Rare Bird Alert Phone Numbers for Kentucky. Order books to help you become a better birder in Kentucky. Discover links to Kentucky Birding web sites. Print out special maps of Kentucky before you begin your trip.  

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State Bird: Northern Cardinal

State Checklists:
Kentucky Ornithological Society
NPWRC Bird Checklists - Kentucky

Species Seen in Kentucky: 380

State Ornithological Society:
Kentucky Ornithological Society

Rare Bird Alerts:

Map of Important KY Bird Areas
Kentucky Maps


Birding Links for Kentucky:
Kentucky State Parks
Raptor Rehabilitation of Kentucky
Kentucky Hot Spots
Where to Bird in Kentucky
John J. Audubon Birding Trail
Daniel Boone National Forest
Reelfoot Lake
US Fish & Wildlife Service Refuges

Kentucky Organizations:
Audubon Chapters in Kentucky
   Buckley Hills Audubon Society
   Daviess County Audubon Society
   Louisville Audubon Society
The Nature Conservancy - Kentucky
Eastern Kentucky Bird Club

Pete Thayer's Favorite Hot Spots:
John James Audubon State Park

37.89 N   87.55 W
John James Audubon spent his early years here. The park has an Audubon museum  and seven miles of birding trails through woodlands and around two manmade lakes. Visit during spring or fall migration.

Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area
36.78 N   88.04 W
Nesting warblers, vireos and Wild Turkeys are found throughout the area. Spring and fall songbird migration here is excellent. This is also one of the nicest places in the state to take your family for an outdoor vacation.

Mammoth Cave National Park
37.14 N   86.05 W
Visit the cave first, then explore the hardwood forest and sandstone bluffs. Spring through mid-August is the best time to see the birds.



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