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United States of America -- Ohio
Discover the top birding locations in Ohio. Find out more about Ohio Bird Clubs and Birding Organizations in Ohio. Print out a checklist of Ohio birds. Find the Rare Bird Alert Phone Numbers for Ohio. Order books to help you become a better birder in Ohio. Discover links to Ohio Birding web sites. Print out special maps of Ohio before you begin your trip. 


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State Bird: Northern Cardinal

State Checklists:
Ohio Birds Checklist
NPWRC Bird Checklists - Ohio

Species Seen in Ohio: 431

State Ornithological Society:
Ohio Ornithological Society

Rare Bird Alerts:
(330) 467-1930   Cleveland
(614) 895-6222   Blendon Woods Park
(937) 640-2473   Southwest Ohio
(641) 715-3800   Northwest Ohio

Electronic Mailing Lists:
Ohio Birds: Discussion of birds in Ohio.
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Ohio Organizations:
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Toledo Naturalist Association
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The Nature Conservancy - Ohio

Pete Thayer's Favorite Hot Spots:
Adams Lake State Park

38.81 N   83.53 W
Adams County is at the edge of the Appalachian mountain range. Chuck-will's-widow, Wild Turkey, Blue Grosbeak and other species are often easier to find here than anywhere else in Ohio.

Crane Creek / Magee Marsh / Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge
41.37 N   83.09 W
Spring migration here may be even better than Point Pelee -- and two hours closer if you live in Ohio! Go visit the Oak Openings and Irwin Prairie on the west side of Toledo as well.

Green Lawn Cemetery and Arboretum
39.94 N   83.04 W
This is a great spot during spring migration. Birder's are always welcome. You should see almost 50 species of warblers, thrushes and vireos in early May.

Headlands Beach State Park
41.73 N   81.33 N
There are a whole series of birding spots along Lake Erie, just east of Cleveland. Spring migration is very good here, as is the hawkwatching. Continue over to Mentor Marsh State Nature Preserve and finally, the power plant in Eastlake.

Killdeer Plains
40.65 N   83.31 N
In winter, look for hawks and owls. Check the tall evergreens very carefully for Long-eared Owls. At dusk you should see Short-eared Owls skimming over the fields. Depending on water levels, shorebirds and waterfowl can be abundant, especially in migration.

Pete Thayer's Former Back Yard
39.09 N   84.22 W
Pete Thayer's former back yard
You don't have to be Dorothy from the Wizard of OZ to realize that there is no place like home. Birders are always happy discovering and exploring the birding spots close to home. Thanks to the foresight and conservation efforts of others, I can visit great birding locations close to my home like the Cincinnati Nature Center and the Oxbow. What have you done lately for the next generation of birders in your home town?


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