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Discover the top birding locations in Louisiana. Find out more about Louisiana Bird Clubs and Birding Organizations in Louisiana. Print out a checklist of Louisiana birds. Find the Rare Bird Alert Phone Numbers for Louisiana. Order books to help you become a better birder in Louisiana. Discover links to Louisiana Birding web sites. Print out special maps of Louisiana before you begin your trip.


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The Shorebird

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State Bird: Brown Pelican

State Checklists:
Louisiana Ornithological Society
NPWRC Bird Checklists - Louisiana

Species Seen in Louisiana: 479

State Ornithological Society:
Louisiana Ornithological Society

Rare Bird Alerts:

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Birding Links for Louisiana:
America's Wetland Birding Trail
Louisiana Birds
Birds of Southeastern Louisiana
Hot Spots
Southwestern Louisiana Birding Locations
Northwest Louisiana Hot Spots
US Fish & Wildlife Service Refuges

Louisiana Organizations:
Audubon Chapters in Louisiana
   Baton Rouge Audubon Society 
Orleans Audubon Society 
The Nature Conservancy - Louisiana
Bird Study Group  
Northshore Bird Club
Louisiana Bayou Bluebird Society

Pete Thayer's Favorite Hot Spots:
Cameron Parish
/ Sabine National Wildlife Refuge
29.52 N   93.29 W
Southwestern Louisiana can be very rewarding, especially in the winter months and during spring migration. Look for Snow Geese, Peregrine Falcon, Wood Storks and Least Terns.

Grand Isle
29.15 N    90.21 W
This barrier island at the mouth of Barataria Bay may have more birds per capita than anywhere else in the US during a spring migration fallout. You should be able to find shorebirds, ducks, gulls, terns, wading birds and many songbirds in the spring and fall.

Peveto Woods Sanctuaries

29.77 N    93.51 W
This area is famous for spring "fallouts". The Gulf Coast can become littered with birds when a north wind or heavy rains force songbirds to drop into the first bush they see after crossing the Gulf of Mexico.


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