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United States of America -- New Mexico
Discover the top birding locations in New Mexico. Find out more about New Mexico Bird Clubs and Birding Organizations in New Mexico. Print out a checklist of New Mexico birds. Find the Rare Bird Alert Phone Numbers for New Mexico. Order books to help you become a better birder in New Mexico. Discover links to New Mexico Birding web sites. Print out special maps of New Mexico before you begin your trip.


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State Bird: Greater Roadrunner

State Checklists:
New Mexico Ornithological Society
NPWRC Bird Checklists - New Mexico

Species Seen in New Mexico: 532

State Ornithological Society:
New Mexico Ornithological Society

Rare Bird Alerts:
(505) 323-9323   Statewide

Electronic Mailing Lists:
New Mexico  – AZ-NM CHAT 
To subscribe email
listserv@listserv.arizona.edu with the message: subscribe BIRDWG05 Your Name.

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Birding Links for New Mexico:
Festival of the Cranes
Partners in Flight
Hot Spots
SW New Mexico Birding Trail
Bosque del Apache
Guide to Bosque del Apache
Birding SE New Mexico
Birding SW New Mexico
US Fish & Wildlife Service Refuges - New Mexico

New Mexico Organizations:
Audubon Chapters in New Mexico
   Central New Mexico Audubon Society   
Mesilla Valley Audubon Society  
Sangre de Cristo Audubon Society  
Southwestern New Mexico   
The Nature Conservancy - New Mexico

Pete Thayer's Favorite Hot Spots:
Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge

33.59 N  106.50 W
Wintertime is when you will find thousands of Snow Geese, Sandhill Cranes and maybe even a Ross' Goose. The riparian habitat along the Rio Grande River holds many Curve-billed and Crissal Thrashers.

Gila National Forest
32.92 N   108.68 W
This forest is home to Flammulated and Spotted Owls, Painted Redstarts and Hepatic Tanagers. Check riparian habitat along the Gila River for Common Black-Hawk.

Sandia Crest / Cibola National Forest
35.18 N   106.49 W
Watch for Rosy-Finches, Black-headed Grosbeak, Hermit Thrush and Red-naped Sapsuckers. Nearer Albuquerque, the Rio Grande Nature Center State Park is a great spot for Say's Phoebe, Blue Grosbeak and Black-chinned Hummingbird.



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