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If you are a new birder (no one says birdwatcher any more), you must have lots of questions.
This section of may help to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

Learn how to identify birds.
See which feeders a Woodpecker will come to.
Find a great binocular if you wear glasses.
Find out why Loons do not belong on the first page of your field guide anymore.
Find even more great places to visit on the Internet.

Birding for Beginners - Tips to get you started

Bird Identification - Key features include color, size, bill shape, field marks and more

Birds at Your Feeder - Learn to identify the most common birds at feeders.

Binoculars & Scopes - Which binocular is right for you? When do you need a scope?

Bird Taxonomy - How are birds arranged by the scientists? What makes a species?

Bird Families - Take a look at the birds in each Family of North American birds.

Birding Organizations - Birding clubs, Ornithology organizations and Conservationists

Birding Web Sites - Where can you go to find even more information about birds?

Birding Field Guides - These are the Field Guides we Use and Recommend



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